Friday, September 17, 2010


I am the wind.. I do as I please,

I can be a cool breeze,

and sometimes a storm,

but please don't expect me to follow the norm.

I'll be happy to follow ...

but only my heart.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The sad truth about love

Love is an addiction. People can't imagine not being in love. That's why people recover from broken hearts when they find someone else. I also think I have just understood the reason for cheating. These are people who want to quit but can't or are too scared. Love is an addiction and a crutch. So, they want to quit or leave but can't do it unless they have someone else to love. Affairs are not the reason why relationships end. They are one of the medium through which relationships end. So for all those people who feel their husband/ wife left them for someone else are wrong. The relationship had ended. They just didn't have the strength to walk away alone.

Why do people quit and why relationships end at all is quite another story. But, I guess, addictions are never good.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Be who you are - cos you dont have a choice ...

Prof Moon told us tday in his delightlful class on 'Managing Teams' - "We as pepole cannot sustain a difference in our beliefs and our behaviour".i If what we believe in and the way we conduct ourself is drastically different, it can cause various adverse effects like depression, anti-social activities, stress, unhappiness etc.

With this in mind, I want to introspect and figure out if I act as per my beliefs and also the other way round.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A little more than just a friend ...

Sometimes...all you want is just a friend.

When you are small, all you want is someone to play with. At the times you don’t have a friend, it’s no problem. You can always make new friends. You can also convince yourself that there is no one like you and you are all alone in this world. Imagination is a powerful tool. After all, the world is big and it’s lonely at the top and there are many things to be done and the path to greatness is best tread alone. There are a whole lot of things that parents teach their children as they grow older. Lies. Lies that help us brave the world and times of solitude.

As you grow older, you realize that life is best not walked alone. There are many people who can join us in the journey. Friends who may or may not be true, but who give you company and as long as you walk your path and do what you like, you’re fine. If such a friend deserts you, you feel bad, but you have the strength to carry on. You remember your parents’ words. Life is best walked alone, walk a little further, meet other friends and move on.

As you get still older, you realize what falling in love is. Then, you look for and luckily find that one person who is your best friend and who knows you inside out. This best friend listens to you and understands you like a soulmate. He knows your weakness and he knows your strengths. Sometimes you feel he knows you better than himself. Nobody warned you about this kind of a friend.

Then one day this friend stops understanding you. He doesn’t walk at the same pace as you. He tells you that he is there for you, but you look into his eyes and you can’t believe his words anymore.

You tell yourself that he’s just another friend. You try to remember your parents wise words. You try to remember what it is like to walk alone. You remember all the times you’ve been left alone, met new friends, and carried on with life. You can’t think. Your life is a blur. You break down. You want to pick yourself up but you can’t. You sit there waiting for a miracle to happen and you wonder - . Why didn’t my mother tell me about this?

Monday, January 12, 2009


We're floating in the sea ..
I'm trying to believe you're coming closer to me ..

But we're drifting towards and sometimes apart ..
Letting the waves guide our hearts ..

Don't tease me with the distance ..
Swim to me and save us ..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Do rules make up your life?

Do you know what life is about?

Do you care for anyone?

Do you care for those who care?

What is your heart telling you?

Dance to the rhythm.

Is anyone hurting you?

No. its only yourself.

Life is perfect.


Because you create it.

You are creating the existence you want.

Does anyone love you?

Do you have a home?

Does a smile on someone else’s face make you cry?

Out of joy? Envy?

Are you happy?

Do you know what you want?

Are you creating or reacting?

Are you scared?

Of what?

Have you ever failed?

Do you believe in God?

Do you like the feel of the cold air on your skin early in the morning?

Do you like to watch parrots on the tree outside your house?

Do you like to run and feel the blood rushing in your body?

Do you live everyday?

Do you like to make people around you happy?

Do you thrive in gloom?

What is your religion?

Do you think you have the power?

To rule a life.

To rule the world.

To make a difference.

To create.

When was the last time you created something?

When is the last time you remember?

You create everyday.

Celebrate your creativity.

Celebrate your creations.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yeah, so why do we make friends again?

Yesterday, my jazz dance instructor was trying to explain the importance of chorus dancing before solo dancing. Suddenly he asked us why we thought we make friends at all. There was obviously a silence in which we tried to answer a question we’d not asked ourselves in a long time. Probably close to never.

“For entertainment”, “For Company”, “To have a helping hand around when we need one!” Etc

The answers were obvious. Too obvious to be right, we collectively thought. He asked us to think about the kinds of friends we usually make and keep.

“These are people who have some unique skill or quality that you admire. People whom you’d like to learn something from. People who will help you grow, into who you want to be” he wisely explained

I liked how those words sounded. Of course, fun, compatibility, entertainment are aspects of good friendship. But, a primary foundation to any true relationship is a genuine “respect” for each other. Also, being safe in the knowledge that you are there, to help each other grow, to eventually become - secure, independent, complete individuals.

P.S - I've been updating my blog. If you've got this e-mail, I'm sure you're pleased to know that you're included in the list of my friends who will be regularly notified of any/every new post I publish on my blog. We're pals. You'll forgive me, right? Luvya, Sonali :)